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Professional development courses for teachers

The Inspiration Teaching School Alliance offers a broad range of continuing professional development courses for teachers and school leaders, including leadership training under the National Professional Qualifications banner.

Our courses are led by some of the country's leading educational thinkers, bringing fresh perspectives to East Anglia.

We aim to make our courses as accessible as possible and offer substantial discounts for schools in Norfolk and north Suffolk. Our alliance partners receive priority booking and further discounts on places for their staff.

About our professional development courses for teachers

Our courses are led by some of the best-known and well-regarded education thinkers from around the UK together with the alliance's own locally-based experts.

Courses generally run in the late afternoon, fitting into twilight CPD slots and offering flexibility for teachers and leaders to attend with minimal disruption to school duties.

Most courses are held at the Inspiration Curriculum Centre, 256 Hall Road, Norwich, NR1 2PW. Free car parking is available on site; please note access is from Hall Road and not from the main Hewett Academy entrance. We do occasionally other locations around the region and beyond, so please check your the course page for details.

If you have any questions about our courses, please contact or call 01603 733447.

Upcoming professional development courses

Autumn term 2018

Date Course Tutor(s) Location
November 8, 2018 and November 21, 2018 (two-part course)

Towards a model of senior curriculum leadership

Summer Turner London
November 12, 2018

Helping pupils to answer narrative questions in GCSE history exams

Michael Fordham Norwich
November 13, 2018

A knowledge-based primary curriculum - from design to implementation

Sarah Buckley and Dr Richard Kueh Great Yarmouth
November 14, 2018 Implications of memory research for teaching Kristopher Boulton Norwich
November 19, 2018 Boosting MFL progress and attainment in Key Stage 4 Barry Smith Norwich
November 20, 2018

Teaching waves (sound and light) in Key Stage 2

Tim Mullis Norwich
November 28, 2018 Developing high-quality writing in geography Grace Healy Norwich
November 29, 2018 Teaching a knowledge-rich primary RE curriculum Dr Richard Kueh Norwich
December 3, 2018 Teaching maths effectively at Key Stage 3 David Thomas Norwich
December 6, 2018 Revision: effective strategies which harness knowledge for rapid school improvement Steve Mastin and Lucy Austin Norwich

Spring term 2019

Date Course Tutor(s) Location
January 16, 2019 Five requirements for a high-quality history lesson in primary schools Steve Mastin Norwich
January 17, 2019 What does an 'entitlement curriculum' look like for low attainers? Summer Turner and Lucy Austin Norwich
January 31, 2019 Powerful knowledge, disciplines and subjects in secondary schools Christine Counsell, Dr Richard Kueh, and Tim Mullis Norwich
February 11, 2019 What does teaching and learning look like in a ‘knowledge-rich’ secondary lesson? Tim Mullis and Michael Fordham Norwich
February 27, 2019 Teaching ecology in Key Stage 3 science Lucy Austin Norwich
February 27, 2019 A knowledge-rich approach to art in the Key Stage 3 curriculum Laura Gatward and Elizabeth Tozer Norwich
March 4, 2019 Teaching the Renaissance in Key Stage 3 history Steve Mastin Norwich
March 6, 2019 The role of subject-based communities of practice in improving subject teaching in secondary schools Christine Counsell and Michael Fordham Norwich
March 7, 2019

Effective use of glockenspiels, recorders, and percussion in the primary classroom

John Stephens Norwich
March 11, 2019

Teaching the sonnet in Key Stage 3 and GCSE English

Summer Turner Norwich
March 12, 2019 How to kick-start and maintain a school choir John Stephens Norwich
March 13, 2019 Tropical rainforests at Key Stage 2 Grace Healy Norwich
March 21, 2019 Teaching chemistry in Key Stage 2 Lucy Austin Norwich
March 25, 2019

What does teaching and learning look like in a knowledge-rich primary lesson?

Sarah Buckley and Christine Counsell Norwich
April 1, 2019 and May 1, 2019 (two-part course)

Towards a model of senior curriculum leadership

Christine Counsell and Summer Turner Norwich

Summer term 2019

Date Course Tutor(s) Location
May 2, 2019 Teaching anatomy and physiology at Key Stage 3 Lucy Austin Norwich
July 1, 2019

Teaching the Victorian novel in Key Stage 3 and GCSE English

Summer Turner Norwich
July 4, 2019

An SLT's guide to high-quality school music

John Stephens Norwich
July 11, 2019 The crucial role of RE in the knowledge-rich curriculum Dr Richard Kueh Norwich
July 15, 2019 Teaching principles of chemistry at Key Stage 3 Lucy Austin Norwich

Booking and discounts

Places can be booked online via our ticketing partner Eventbrite. Click the course name in the listings above for full details, pricing, and to book instantly.

We keep course prices as low as possible, with a 50% discount for schools in Norfolk and north Suffolk for our courses in East Anglia, and a priority rate for Inspiration Teaching School Alliance members.

Discounted rates are also available for trainee teachers - please email for details.

If you can't make a course you've booked, we are happy for a colleague to attend instead; please just let us know their name. If you do have to cancel, we will refund the course cost minus a £25 administration fee if we are notified more than 14 days before the course date; cancellations closer to the course are not eligible for any refund.