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Charging and remissions

Trust-wide policy. Adopted: October 2016


The Inspiration Trust recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including clubs, out of school trips, residential trips and experiences of other environments can make towards pupils’ all-round educational experience and their personal and social development. Some of these activities will result in charges being made. The charging and remissions policy of the Trust is set out below.

Items for which pupils may be charged

  1. Individual instrumental musical tuition, where this is over and above the requirements of the approved examination syllabus.
  2. Transport to work experience.
  3. ‘Optional extras’ ie: activities outside school time not related to core responsibilities/duties.
  4. Board and lodging on residential visits.
  5. Re-scrutiny of exam results.
  6. Examination entry:
    1. For prescribed exam for which pupils have not been prepared by the schools.
    2. For an exam which is not on prescribed list.
    3. Where preparation takes place outside of school hours.
    4. For exams entered on demand of parents/carers which do not have the support of the school.
  7. Recovery of wasted examination fees.

Policy – In respect of items 1-7 above

  1. Charges will be made to cover costs of all individual music tuition over and above the requirements of the school curriculum. A subsidy agreed annually by the respective Principal will be available to children registered for free school meals where applicable.
  2. Parents will pay directly (except statemented pupils where the statement may refer to transport).
  3. Charges will be levied to cover estimated costs only. Should any surplus of £20 or more per head be generated on completion of the activity then this surplus will be returned to parents/carers in full. Any surplus generated less than £20 will be used to cover any deficits on any under-recovered activities. Should take up of places on activities be less than anticipated the activity may be cancelled and deposits returned at the discretion of the respective Principal.
  4. Parents to be charged, except when children are registered for free school meals where reduced charges will be made at the discretion of the respective Principal.
  5. Parents to pay all charges unless in special circumstances the respective Principal wishes to have the papers of a number of pupils re-scrutinised.
  6. A charge will be made. The respective Principal could remit on a particular application (generally not applicable).
  7. Parents to be charged when a pupil has failed to sit all or part of an examination, or where course work requirements have not been met except in the case of pupil illness certified by a doctor.

Food & technology sales

A variety of compliant and resistant materials are used within technology throughout the schools of the Trust. Pupils are asked to pay a contribution towards the cost of any of these materials supplied by the schools. Where a larger volume of materials may be appropriate for pupils, every effort will be made to advise of the potential cost at the beginning of the course. For catering courses pupils are expected to bring in the necessary ingredients. Care and thought is given to the selection and cost of materials and ingredients in order that they may be eaten or used later. If parents have indicated that they wish to keep finished products, they are asked to supply the ingredients or materials or to pay for them. This cash-or-kind contribution has met with general support and it is reiterated that non-agreement to the policy has not excluded pupils from the activities.

Free school meals

Where applicable, meals are provided in certain schools to eligible pupils and a record is kept of meals taken, which is available to parents/carers by request.

Sales to pupils

Items required by pupils in various subject areas are purchased by the Trust and sold to pupils, subject to VAT regulations in force at the time. Ordering by the Trust ensures that the correct items are purchased. Sales are recorded in the Trust accounts.

Damage to and loss of school property

The cost of repairing/replacing and damage to school buildings, property, books or equipment caused by a pupil (other than wear and tear) are payable by and will be charged to the pupils parents/carers.

Activities outside school hours

Where a pupil participates in an activity outside of the school's formal extended school hours, the parents/carers will be charged in full. The charges will include the cost of travel, entrance fees, insurance, books, equipment and any staff (teaching or non-teaching) engaged specifically for the activity. For definition purposes where less than 50% of time spent on an activity falls during formal extended school hours, it is deemed to have taken place outside school hours. Exceptions to the above will need to be agreed by the respective Principal.


As a general rule the Trust does not do copying for the general public.

Copying done for associate bodies, e.g.: parent groups are charged at a cost of paper and copy cost charges and the copying is done by the committee members or representatives as required.

Income from photocopying is banked and recorded as required.


Remission of charges – only parents who are in receipt of Income Support, Income Based Job Seeker’s Allowance, Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 and Child Tax Credit, where the parent is not entitled to Working Tax Credit and whose annual income (as assessed by the Inland Revenue) does not exceed £16,190 or the Guarantee Element of the State Pension Credit are eligible for remission of charges. Remission of charges only applies where they relate to activities deemed to take place wholly or partly in school hours.

Remission will not apply to such charges when they relate to activities wholly outside school hours, except if the activities are prescribed in a syllabus for a public examination or if it is prescribed by the school curriculum.

The governing body may remit charges in cases of hardship in full or in part on application from parents/carers, in strictest confidence, The respective Principal will authorise remission on behalf of governors in consultation with the chief finance officer or his/her representative.

Voluntary contributions

Nothing in this policy shall preclude the governing body or respective Principals from inviting parents to make voluntary contributions.

Monitoring, evaluation and review

The Trust will review this policy bi-annually and assess its implementation and effectiveness. The policy will be promoted and implemented throughout the Trust.

The chief finance officer will report on the effectiveness of the policy to the governing body as appropriate.