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Special educational needs

Our vision for our schools is to provide a truly inclusive education for all learners. This includes children of all races, genders, ages, abilities, religions, socio-economic backgrounds and those pupils that have special educational needs. We actively engage with our communities and all stakeholders to ensure that we serve the needs of each area where we have schools and each pupil that attends one of our academies.

All our teachers in our schools are teachers of special educational needs and as far as possible, we aim for pupils to be educated in mainstream classes, accessing our core curriculum.  

As part of our teacher development strategy, CPD is available for all our teachers, focused on teaching approaches and pedagogy that helps them ensure all learners can access the curriculum effectively. 

However, where a need is identified that requires additional support, schools will provide support and intervention in addition to this.

Our schools can support pupils best when school and parents work in partnership.