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Hard-hitting demo shows the impact of dangerous driving

Published on 09/07/19

Volunteers from Sir Isaac Newton helped the emergency services stage a rescue from a car crash as part of a project to reduce road accidents among young drivers.

Year 12 student Charlie posed as a passenger badly injured in a crash, with his fellow sixth formers Nathan and Olly playing the roles of the driver and the first person to get to the crash scene.

In the demonstration outside The Forum on Monday, July 8, ambulance crew showed how Charlie’s condition would be stabilised before it was safe to move him from the car.

The fire brigade then used specialist tools to cut him from the car and got him onto a stretcher, ready to be transported to hospital.

The demo was part of Norfolk Police’s #Impact project, a scheme to increase awareness among young drivers of the dangers of the ‘Fatal Four’ when behind the wheel: speeding, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, using a mobile phone, and not wearing a seat belt.

Students also saw the crumpled car belonging to Thomas Semmons, a Norfolk teenager who was badly injured when his car left the road in July 2016.

Thomas took a bend too quickly and skidded on a wet, muddy road, colliding with a tree and suffering serious injuries including 15 fractures and a punctured lung.

He has since shared his story at schools across the county to raise awareness of road safety and the impact that being in a car crash can have.

The Sir Isaac students, many of whom are already driving or learning to drive, were asked to sign a pledge card making a personal commitment to driving safely.

One student commented: “It really made us aware of what you might go through if you didn’t take proper care on the road.”